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We train leaders and their teams to think ahead, strategize, and innovate by implementing modern corporate organizational infrastructure, decentralizing business decision making processes, and empowering your tribe of talented thinkers.

The Intentional Networking (IN) Crowd

The Intentional Networking Crowd is designed to grow your network faster and more efficiently than you’ve ever experienced in the past. We have unlocked the secrets to efficient and effective networking. We are using and teaching these secrets at the IN Crowd™.

By focusing on the fact that everyone refers to people that they know, respect, and trust; we are a results oriented crowd. We focus on where we can all grow the fastest. That means where our networks overlap we’ll drill down. That way everyone involved benefits.

What's included with the IN Crowd Membership?

IN Crowd Expectations and Requirements

All members must be an LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp or registered Non-Profit. This puts us all on a more even playing field in terms of business laws, taxation, employees, etc.

IN CrowdTM meetings are 90 minutes long and you are expected to attend the entire meeting. We require an RSVP so we can communicate with our venues.

If the meeting is held at a public venue we do expect that you support the venue by purchasing food or beverage. If the event is held in a private home, food and beverage will probably be provided.

We hope you will make use of the newsletters, information, skills and connections you can develop on the private Facebook group. We expect our members to keep their IN CrowdTM partners top of mind when referring.

The IN Crowd Membership

Like any membership, you’ll get out of it what you put into it.

The IN Crowd

$20 / month
  • Nonexclusive, invitation-only group
  • Private Facebook networking group
  • Up to three 90 minute meetings per month
  • Each month we focus on a particular skill or mindset that will benefit your network
  • At least once a month there will be a meeting within a specific industry category
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