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Every solution Zee offers is here to help you run your business.

Strategy & Operations Planning

Clarity Sessions

When there is not clarity in your business you get muddled results, stunted growth and limit who you attract. If you are not clear in your foundation, planning and goals lets chat about getting you on track.

Business Foundations

Do you have a strong foundation for your business? Are you attracting the people you want to work with? Do you have a visual brand that will hold up in today’s market? If you are not sure or the answer is “no”, then let’s talk.



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Charging Stations

Charging Station is a baseline of support and function built in. There is weekly encouragement, monthly challenges, the opportunity for accountability with Power Partners and facilitator support.

The IN Crowd

The Intentional Networking Crowd is designed to grow your network faster and more efficiently than you’ve experienced before. We have unlocked the secrets to efficient and effective networking. 

Power Teams

Power Teams is the answer to those needing support, accountability and are ready to explore the power of coaching. Each month we’ll have a focus and challenge to increase your networking skills. 


Work Hard Play Hard

We understood you’re working hard at your business, but every one needs a break, right? Zee can help your whole company get some much needed R&R by helping plan a company retreat.

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We would love to schedule to help your business grow in good health. Let us know when and where would be best. Tex, call, email or visit us at Vancouver, CoLabs!

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