We empower business leaders to unfuck themselves so they can THRIVE

We understand the overwhelming confusion and exhaustion that comes from growing a business during the first five years. We have guided hundreds of business owners through the foundational phase of business growth and we can guide you too.

We Make Your Life Easier By Offering Strategies that work for YOUR business and life.


When a business professional isn’t clear about their goals, they get muddy results. Without clarity there is no true growth. True unfuckery happens here.


Zee loves creating customized strategies for each business and challenge. Let us create a fully customized strategy created with and for your team, your niches and your industry.


Empower yourself and your staff  so  your business can THRIVE. Empowering includes training, coaching, mentoring and customized programs.

Strategic Plans

Learn more about our various subscription levels. We provide amazing operational advice to all sizes of businesses across 

The IN Crowd

The heart of the IN Crowd™- we are supportive, encouraging business professionals that believe that together we can grow faster. We know that networking is an action verb and requires maintenance. 

Charging Stations

Charging Station is a baseline of support for those new to coaching. There is weekly encouragement, monthly challenges, the opportunity for accountability with Power Partners and facilitator support.

Clarity Sessions

Are you getting inconsistent results? New to your industry? Feeling overwhelmed? Is there too much going on to know what to focus upon? Gain clarity with a Clarity Session.

Business Foundations

Do you have a resilient foundation for your business? Are you attracting your ideal clients? ? Do you have a visual brand that will stand out today’s market? If you are not sure or the answer is “no”, then let’s talk.

Learn more as a team and progress by learning more about other professionals experiences.

Join the Facebook group and get invites to exclusive social events and networking opportunities.

Get specialized brainstorming sessions for solving complex business problems.

Our most accessible form of membership, we get you feeling energized and motivated.

Strategically align with an informed expert and gain clarity about your processes.

Combine diverse business types and objectives to get powerful results and new partnerships.

More Than Just Business Solutions

Strategies are Zee’s favorite playground. We offer solutions that people have never seen before, making an immediate impact on you business.

Corporate Retreats

Plan a corporate retreat with us and decompress, learn more about yourself and your team and become a more cohesive force.

Zee Speaks

Listen to Patricia speak on various topics and learn from the best, these innovative strategies are derived from business leaders.

Drop The Mic

Drop The Mic is a collaborative effort that Zee contributes to and works closely with. Learn more about public speaking with this yearly event.

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We would love to schedule to help your business grow in good health. Let us know when and where would be best. Tex, call, email or visit us at Vancouver, CoLabs!

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